Compliance Division

P-4 Petition to Register a Political Party

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For Office Use Only

Name of Political Party:

Please read all the information on the form before signing.

For the purpose of enabling the above-named political party to apply to the Chief Electoral Officer of Ontario for registration in the register of political parties maintained pursuant to the Election Finances Act, I hereby:

  1. certify that as of the date hereof, I am eligible to vote in an election to elect a member to serve in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario*, and
  2. endorse the registration of the above-named political party.

Endorsee Information and Signature

(i) at least eighteen years of age;

(ii) a Canadian citizen;

(iii) a resident of Ontario; and

(iv) not otherwise prohibited by law.

The P-4 form is open to inspection by any person during normal office hours of Elections Ontario.