Pandemic Declaration

1) COVID-19 was genetically engineered by the same evil that now wants you to take their "vaccines," irrespective of how many people are injured or die in the process. There are documented cases of fatalities among young children, yet our children are now being subjugated to a mass "vaccination" program that promises to destroy even more lives;

2) The mortality of children from COVID-19 has been extremely negligible. Indeed, the symptoms that children tend to experience, if any, appear to be no more than a cold, which they easily recover from in the same manner. Conversely, the risks of administering COVID-19 jabs to children are real, and it is being done against the advice of numerous doctors, constituting a de facto mass experiment against children. This is a crime against humanity being perpetrated for an unknown political agenda;

3) COVID-19 "vaccines" are in fact gene therapy devices and this has been confirmed by the publicly documented ingredients in these so-called "vaccines," which is further corroborated by critically acclaimed physicians and in books based upon the research of these doctors;

4) The unfortunate consequences of COVID-19—hospitalizations and accompanying rates of mortality—could have been prevented with early treatment protocols. Ontario's provincial government has failed miserably to champion early treatment protocols and quality-of-living maintenance of extended care facilities for senior citizens. These failures have cost lives;

5) Established, critically acclaimed doctors who have sought to champion early treatment protocols in order to prevent hospitalization and death from COVID-19 have been improperly subjugated to censorship, threats, and firing because they are not seeking to maximize the amount of people who take the jab;

6) Rather than applauding doctors who have sought to save lives through early treatment and to educate patients about medical hazards and risks associated with the "vaccine" in light of verifiable statistical data, provincial medical bodies have wrongfully blamed such doctors for promoting "vaccine hesitancy";

7) It has been documented that organizations responsible for providing data on the pandemic have resorted to deceptive techniques. This includes re-classifying people who have contracted COVID-19 after having been "vaxxed" as being "unvaccinated" in order to further prevent "vaccine hesitancy";

8) Critically acclaimed doctors have confirmed that COVID-19 can be easily prevented and treated, if contracted, through conventional means, including vitamins and cheap, well-tested pharmaceuticals that pose no threat to human health. All officials and groups that have sought to wilfully repress or deny access to this information that could have been used to prevent injuries and death as a result of experimental jabs are guilty of perpetrating crimes against humanity;

9) It is a scientific fact that people who have been "double-vaxxed" have still contracted COVID-19. This is corroborating proof that the jab has been misrepresented as an effective vaccine;

10) The jab has been improperly labelled a vaccine to get people to take it on the false premise that it will prevent COVID-19 in the same manner that real vaccines have prevented the recipients from contracting diseases;

11) The billions of dollars that the minority Trudeau government has committed to the provinces to implement and administer "vaccine passports" could be much better spent in a variety of critically needed areas that have descended into states of crisis;

12) The billions of dollars that the Trudeau government apparently has immediately available for "vaccine" passports suggests that the Trudeau government has negligently withheld money that could have been used to save lives from COVID-19 and to improve other key areas of public health and wellbeing. This iniquity shows a lack of integrity in the "fight against COVID" and a lack of concern for the health well-being of all Ontarians;

13) Since people who take the "vaccine" can still contract COVID-19, vaccine passports don't protect public health. Rather, such "passports" are designed to unethically coerce people into taking an experimental jab for an undisclosed political agenda;

14) Ontario must therefore cease and desist from its Trudeau- backed "vaccine passport" system as unwarranted medical-based apartheid; a violation of privacy rights; and an unethical effort to coerce Ontarians in violation of our security of person, freedom of conscience, and other provisions of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

15) "Vaccine passports" threaten to transform our society from enjoying the rights and freedoms of democracy to suffering under an Orwellian police state where all citizens are biometrically tracked and monitored by QR codes and artificial intelligence under a political-military-industrial complex;

16) Governments in Canada ought to respect the medical experts and the advice they provide their patients as sacrosanct in the fight against COVID-19 and against so-called "vaccination." Vaccine mandates unconstitutionally subvert doctors' ability to advise their patients on whether or not they should take a COVID-19 vaccine;

17) It is immoral to give Ontarians the COVID-19 jab without informed consent and knowledge of associated risks and injuries recorded in Ontario, across Canada, and internationally. Failing to provide such information to parents in the choices they make regarding the "vaccination" of their children is also immoral

18) Governments in Ontario and elsewhere have improperly asserted the effectiveness of COVID-19 jabs based upon data and representations provided by the manufacturers themselves and against the dire warnings of independent doctors and scientists who have sought to pause or halt the further administering of COVID-19. These dissenters against jabs have all been ignored, and this has resulted in needless injuries and deaths;

19) Governments in Ontario and elsewhere have engaged in corruption by only taking into consideration representations and data that support the assertions of manufacturers regarding the effectiveness of their "vaccines";

20) All data regarding who has ever contracted COVID-19 has similarly lacked transparency, and this furthermore suggests a political agenda by the same groups that rely on jab manufacturer data and their criteria exclusively for what constitutes a "COVID-19" diagnosis. COVID-19 is actually a series of symptoms or unrelated cause that are together diagnosed as COVID-19. Such diagnoses occur in the absence of COVID-19, which has not been sufficiently isolated so as to be labelled a "virus" in the officially medically recognized sense

21) Governments in Ontario and elsewhere have created conditions for a "permanent pandemic economy" in which the stakeholders who have commercially profited from jabs and "vaccine passports" will seek to make them entrenched features of society. This scenario gradually and irrevocably destroy the rights and freedoms we now take for granted, effectively making our human bodies the property of private interests who will inject us with whatever they want and whenever they want with rubber stamp approval from Health Canada under the disingenuous rubric of "protecting public health";

22) In light of the above representations, governments in Canada, including those in Ontario, must respect the rights of citizens to control what they put in their bodies including the jab. Governments that seek to foist jabs on all Canadians do so in a manner that promotes the commercial profits of private interests against the learned insights of doctors who question the medical propriety of these jabs;

Any and all efforts to legally mandate or coerce Ontarians to take the jab under a "vaccine passport" system constitutes a fundamental violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Such efforts must be stopped in order to help save lives now needlessly endangered